Curious websites to explore sounds and music

Everyone needs to take a break sometimes and many of us have moments of awaiting when it is difficult to find something interesting make time pass faster. Here, you will find several curious websites for exploration which will offer you great auditory experience.

Museum of Endangered Sounds

As you can judge by the name of this website it is about a collection of retro sounds. The variety of this sounds on the website is large and it includes absolutely different sounds which might not be even found in the real life today. For example, you can find a sound of clicking produced by a typing machine or a sound made by a vinyl player. The collection also includes simple melodies such as a ringtone of an old Nokia phone as well as a Pac-Man soundtrack.

A great feature of this service is a possibility of combining sounds in one audio track which might turn into a very pleasant sound composition for playing in background.

Scale Sequencer

You can try composing your own simple melodies using Scale Sequencer. This service is extremely simple and it will offer you a tool looking like a matrix for creating sound patterns. It is also possible to choose tonality for your sounds with the Scale Sequencer online tool.

Once your melody is ready, you can share it with your friends.


In case you are looking for pleasant sounds for sleeping or relaxation, you might be interested in the audio materials available on the Virtocean platform. This website is dedicated to various sounds related to an ocean. The sounds of seagulls, breaking waves and much more is waiting for you.

The sounds offered by Virtocean can be mixed together and used for creating background sound.


Of course, online radio is a very useful tool not only for the time when you want to relax but also when you want to create a particular mood for working. One of the best online services streaming music is Internet-Radio. This platform has access to the live music streaming offered by over 23 thousand radio stations located around the world.

The service will show you the links to every radio station as well as the currently played music.