More replaceable elements of your laptop

If you have already got acquainted with the previous article on the laptop components that can be replaced, you might be wondering whether there is anything left unmentioned. Indeed, there are even more parts of your laptop you can replace. This article will tell you more about replacing speakers, frame and expansion cards.


How it is with replacing the speaker again depends on where it is. If it is outside the chassis, you simply pry off the covers, pull out the speakers, disconnect the cables and simply replace them with the new ones and reverse the whole process. In case, the speakers are part of integral components, good luck dismantling the laptop to the bones.

Every portables out there are made up of sophisticated electric components like different kind of plastics, metal, rubber parts. Together this is what known as frame. Essentially these parts are quite durable but just like any other products- they can be wrecked, bent, cracked, dent and chip under accident or due to its age.

If you are looking at replacing the frame, you need to know few things which needs to be exact information. You need to know about things like exact device model, parts number and so on. They best place to look for such information is on the manufacturer provided resources or third-party resources. Many of these device parts appear similar and some parts may appear in other portables out there. You are also likely to come across a part that you need is available as a part of a larger assembly or group. In such case you will have to pay ridiculous amount of money and probably you want to add something and get a new laptop instead.

Expansion cards

There are lot of portables out there who offers one or more true expansion slots for add-on cards. Typically a laptop with modular component varieties will have a hatch on the bottom of the case which opens up like the hatch of the RAM slots. For instance, this allows you to change an 802.11n wireless card for an 802.11ac card enhancing your Wi-Fi experience to the next level from the device. Likewise, you are also able to change the Bluetooth module with an upgraded version.

Remember that you want to avoid ESD (Electronic static discharge) at any cost which malfunctions the electronics inside and remove all of the energy and power suppliers before you delve into opening up each of the components. There are plenty of things you can use to avoid ESD, an anti-static wrist strap for instance. If you fail to remove the battery and the AC adapter, you will probably be looking at shorted-out laptop and a bad day and thick wallet. Take extra precautionary measures and look for the manufacturer resources if the battery is built-in or any other concern you may have.

Other concerns and considerations with the expansion cards applies directly to wireless. This requires a careful installation of card into the slot as well as you need to reattach the antenna connection often with a separate power cable. Pay really careful attention when you are replacing the card and vital connections. One of the two types of expansion is quite common in laptops. A mini-PCIe and M.2. Most of the older one used Mini-PCIe and the more modern ones use M.2 slots.