Replaceable components of laptops

Laptops are one of the most used computer device for the past decades and is gaining way more popularity than before due to its lightweight yet incredibly powerful and of course the portable nature. This gives you the flexibility of working from practically anywhere you want rather than fixated to the desktop setup inside your home or office or home-office.

If you rely on your laptop a lot, you should know you can replace some of its parts.

Why do you need to replace the parts of your laptop?

A laptop and a desktop computer are almost indistinguishable at this point since there are insanely high-end laptop available which will give you the high performance, if that is what you are looking for. They are super expensive of course. One of the thing about desktop is, it is quite flexible and easy when it comes down to replacing its components. Same is not true for laptops. Laptops components are replaceable but not to the extent of a desktop and also opening up the bottom panel working directly on laptop motherboard is like you are about to walk on an eggshell and you have to be incredibly careful and calm.

Replacing laptop components

Replacing laptop components other than RAM or drive, requires more work and careful attention. Replacing components, which can be replaced typically falls into the “doable” category. So, let’s take a look at some of these doable components for laptops.


Generally you know it is time to hit the manufacturer or aftermarket vendors when your battery performance become unacceptable. Battery replacement is not much of a big deal (unless it is not built in). There is a but here, that is, before you go and replace your battery, see if the problem is really with the battery or the charging system? Sometimes the charging system malfunctions and can get incredibly dodgy to notice. This directly affects your battery.

Now not only this. Sometimes, the electrical wiring in our house is not good enough and wall socket or the power strip may be corrupted. In such case, the new battery won’t do you any better. If you can, test the battery with any other charger as well as test it out on different socket in the house or anyone else’s house.


Keyboards of the laptops are replaceable. Often keyboards need to be replaced due to its age or some catastrophe that took place, for instance, spilling a beautiful mug of coffee onto it or your cat took a little pee pee onto it and so on. Replacing keyboard requires a tiny pry bars. But try not to simply just pry it out but look for tiny screws or anything such. Refer to the manufacturer manual or leave it on the laptop experts.

Optical drive

For the optical drive, changing it is not much of a big deal unless it is part of the internal chassis. You just simply look for any screw or anything such and pop it out. In case it is part of an internal chassis, you are looking at the full dissection. In such case, if you are not confident enough, leave it up to the laptop tech and specially laptop experts.