What is digital fashion?

You might have already come across a new trend of the modern shopping known as digital fashion. What is exactly this new technology about and how is it currently used?

The meaning of digital fashion

Digital fashion itself is not thus new as it is basically based on designing clothes with the help of 3D editors which are allowing clothes designers to create their new products completely digitally before making real models. Certainly, the same technology has been used for the production of absolutely different goods for a very long time. Yet, when it comes to 3D-modelling and fashion, the technology is opening new possibilities to the market and its consumers which have already been adopted.

Digital fashion and online shopping

You might have already had a chance of using an online fitting room in one of the top online clothes stores. If you have not had such a chance yet, here is what the technology is about.

You will just need your mobile phone in order to scan your body shape and load it to the website or app of the shop you are interested in. There, you will be able to check the clothes available for sale in the way it will be looking on your body. This will help you not only to check the way a particular model of clothes looks on you, but also to choose the best size.

The service is available for shoes as well. In fact, currently you might find more online stores selling shoes with the opportunity of online fitting than shops with clothes which have already adopted this function.

Digital fashion and photo editing

It would be surprising if digital fashion would not have been adopted by the designers working with digital graphics and photo editing. Indeed, a possibility of putting on a variety of clothes on a person on the photo or even creating one’s own fashion designs does not limit the imagination of artists at all.

In many cases, designers create unique digital clothes for particular people for the sake of creating beautiful photos. Not only is it possible to choose options from a gigantic collection of clothes, but one can also use the fabrics which actually do not and cannot exist in real life. Needless to say, the effects produced in such a way are absolutely terrific.

The importance of digital fashion

Certainly, when it comes to consumers, the significance of such a technology is obvious as they can enjoy online shopping now without any hassle at all. Even though it is possible to return the clothes that does not fit you in the majority of online stores, it is certainly not the same as the possibility of checking the way this clothes looks on you even before you make a purchase. This will certainly help people to save their time during shopping.

For the fashion industry in general, such a digital technology is a way of supporting sustainable fashion as many designers will be able to show their new collections online and sew exclusively the most popular models which will guarantee better sales. This is crucial since the fashion industry is one of the major pollutants of the natural environment and consumer of the Earth resources.