System restoration on Windows

When it comes down to not only how good you are at operating your computer system but also how good you are at maintenance and optimising your system, this article is one of the crucial aspect of such topic, whether you are just a regular computer geek or professional or on the way into tech industry. Let’s look at the life saviour feature that Windows provides for every version they have released.

What is exactly system restoration?

So, what is system restoration though? Let’s look at one find day, you bought a new computer system. Over the time you upgraded it, installed all of your favourite software, programmes, themes, made a perfect and finely tuned system configuration and basically your system turned into a rocket and your just don’t use it, also lend it to Elon Mask for his Space-X project. Definitely super high-spec system you have, right?

Now, here comes the part, when one other fine day, you find your system acting strangely, and you are wondering what is happening. You give your shot and hope it was just a hiccup but no! Your system froze! You somehow reboot it and looked for a little solution before your mind could even absorb the solution and applied it immediately without considering the long term consequences.

You then fixed it, the system run for a day or two. Then, boom! Space-X assistance system froze again! Out frustration you did something so gentle, now your system crash with some weird error code, blue screen, random messages and eventually refuse to reboot! What can you do about that?

Reach out for system restoration

Sarcasm apart, typically in this scenario either a big tech support is called and they try their best to recover your lost data, Super Space-x configuration, or you as a natural window user instinct, re-install the Windows, putting a big stone and flower on your Space-x configured data. What happens then when the new Windows installation is done?

Your system again ready to roll, now can carry on with the Space-Y project. What have you lost? All of your super configuration, themes, some big data, programmes and your one fine day. You want to install and configure all of them from the scratch? Try it, some of them you won’t even remember that what programmes you had, whereas, configuration will just be a distant noise in response to your recollection.

How could you reverse this whole process and save yourself and your computer from such a malaise? This is where the Windows System restore come in so handy!

The way it works is you every time you make a major changes or fine tuned to the system, you need to create a system restore point. This works as a snapshot of your whole system configuration, including your desktop wallpaper, theme, gadgets or other appearance related settings. So, in times of one such fine day turning into worse rainy day, you could always revert back to such restore point of time you saved the system restore at.