How can you extend the life of your laptop?

Laptop computers are more popular in the modern world than desktop computers. While the latter type of computers is generally regarded to be more powerful, the majority of people still prefer laptops over their desktop alternatives. Of course, the major reason for it is the portability of laptops. Even if one does not have to carry a laptop anywhere outside, it is still more convenient to have such a computer as it is possible to use it in absolutely different parts of one’s home. Yet, inappropriate usage of such portability of a laptop usually causes damages in the device. If you want to prolong the life of your laptop, consider the following recommendations.

Be careful about the places in which you are using your laptop

A laptop seems to be so convenient to use since you can easily stay in your bed with this device. Still, the majority of people are not aware of the fact that laptops require using additional equipment if they are not running on your table. Laptops cannot be placed directly on blankets or any other textile materials as the pieces of threads can easily get into the device spoiling its fens and causing overheating. In addition to it, laptops cannot be placed directly on your naked legs as in such a way there is no distance between the computer and your skin which can also increase the temperature of your device.

A good practice is using special portable laptop tables and other equipment for placing your laptop.

Another popular mistake of exploitation of laptops is carrying a working laptop around. This should never be made in such a way as any movements of the device while it is running can cause damages to its internal components. If you want to move your computer from one place to another, you should at least hibernate it and ideally, switch it off completely.

Even when you are just carrying your laptop which is turned off, it is important to avoid shaking it. For that reason, it is highly recommended to use a special bag for transporting your computer.

Do not work on your laptop if it is too cold

While some people are actually aware of the importance of preventing their laptops from getting overheated, not everyone knows how crucial it is not to turn the device on if it is too cold.

This can happen if you have just been outside where the weather is rather cold. This can make your computer rather cold as well. If the temperature outside was below zero degrees, it is highly recommended to let your laptop warm up for at least thirty minutes before you turn it on.

Do not consume food while working on your laptop

Certainly, it is very tempting to have some food while watching an interesting film on your computer or playing your favourite game. As you can imagine, this can make the keyboard of your device rather dirty which is certainly not desirable.

There are ways for cleaning a keyboard, however, it is always better to prevent situations in which you need to do it. First of all, the process can be rather tedious. Secondly, cleaning a keyboard attached to your laptop requires more attention and accuracy than cleaning a separate keyboard.

By the way, you are always risking to spill something on your keyboard which can spoil the entire laptop.

Even if you make your keyboard dirty with food crumbs and think it is not thus important to clean it, you can experience problems with typing and you will have to clean it anyway. For example, one stroke on a button can type several letters at a time which makes it impossible to use the keyboard anymore.