The best gadgets you can give as a present

Are you thinking about giving a gadget as a present to your friend or a family member? There are many attractive options you can choose from! Check this article for great ideas.

Smart watches and fitness trackers

Smart watches and fitness trackers have become extremely popular nowadays due to a variety of amazing features they are offering. Even though many people still believe these devices are useful only for people who love sport, this is not true. The functionality of such electronic devices might be found useful by anyone.

A fitness tracker suitable for everyone

In case you are looking for a practical fitness tracker which can be used by anyone, you should pay your attention to Mi Band 6 by Xiaomi. This gadget has been designed with a view to measuring such physical parameters as heartbeat, the level of oxygen in the blood and sleep cycles. At the same time, it can display the messages you get on your phone and also steer the music you are playing on your smartphone.

This model of the fitness trackers offered by Xiaomi has an improved screen and overall appearance.

Even though you can find more sophisticated models of such a gadget, for instance Apple Watch S7 described below, you should pay your attention to this device since its quality and functionality are really great regarding its small price. In addition to it, unlike the gadget offered by Apple, this one is suitable for paring with the devices running not only on iOS but also on Android. Finally, this device has a particularly long time of work which can stretch even to two weeks without charging.

Apple Watch S7

As it has already been mentioned, Apple Watch S7 is a more sophisticated model of a smart watch. Apart from the functions available in Mi Band 6, this device also allows its owners to pay in shops, call, send messages without even touching your smartphones. The latter function is possible due to a virtual keyboard available in the watch. The functionality of the fitness tracker of this gadget also includes a step tracker.

One of the great features of this device is an opportunity to change its bands according to your preferences. This watch has a quite large screen with an elegant frame. The model requires less time for charging comparing to other models of Apple Watch. Furthermore, it is fully waterproof being able to withstand even a heavy rain. Yet, you should not make it wet on purpose, for example by swimming in a pool.

Of course, there is a sense in purchasing such a present only if the person to whom you want to give such a gift already has an iPhone. Unfortunately, the device is not compatible with smartphones offered by other manufacturers.

For people who really love reading

If one of your friends, your significant other or a relative is seriously into reading and, especially, if this person also loves the philosophy of minimalism or the zero waste approach, one of the best presents to such a person will be an ebook reader. One of the best models available on the market right now is Kindle Paperwhite 2020.

Kindle Paperwhite 2020 is very thin lightweight with an E-ink screen of the highest quality. This model will give you an effect of reading a text of the quality equal to the quality of a text printed on real paper.

This version of the Kindle readers has a very practical light system which will give one maximum comfort for reading in the darkness. The storage space of this device has been expanded allowing readers to store hundreds of books.

Finally, unlike many other models of e-book readers available on the market the Kindle model of 2020 is waterproof so one can enjoy reading while relaxing in the bath. This is something no conventional book will offer you.

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