Is using password managers a good idea?

Nowadays it is not enough to know your logging data to your email, your bank account as well as your gaming account. Every day people are creating more and more accounts on various websites and in various mobile apps. As you certainly know, using the same password everywhere is a very bad idea even if it comes with the ease of using it as you do not have to remember tens or even hundreds of various passwords. Furthermore, using the same email for all the accounts you are creating is also a rather bad idea.

The options you have for managing your passwords is to try memorise all of them, keep them written somewhere, save them on your browsers or keep with the help of a password manager. The letter option is becoming more and more popular today, however, it has not only happy adapts, but also sceptic critics. This article will help you to understand the pros and cons of password managers.

The advantages of using password managers

Password managers are so loved by many Internet users because of an entire range of great features.

First of all, they are making synchronisation between different browsers and platforms very simple. You can easily create your base of logging information and use it across different browsers and different platforms. This is certainly a very convenient way of managing your logging information and you should also consider the opportunity of easy sorting and organising your passwords.

In addition to it, you can also use advance protection for your accounts with password managers. Depending on the programme, there can be such options as a master password, key password and two-step authentication. By the way, there are extra tools for generating safe passwords with the help of password managers which can also check your passwords and give you hints on the level of security and the way you can improve it. Additionally, many password managers also have a set periods for passwords and they will notify you when it is high time to change your password.

Another great solution offered by password managers is sharing your logging data with other people. This can be used in a more convenient way than sharing them over the mail.

The disadvantages of using password managers

One of the major issues connected to the mere idea of using a password manager is the fact that all of the information will be stored in the same place. While it is convenient, it is also itself not secure.

If you are thinking about using such an option for managing your data, you should be aware of the fact there are two ways of storing it with password managers. Of course, it will depend on the programme which option it is offering to its users.

Greater convenience is coming with password managers based on cloud storage technology. With the help of this tool, you will be able to synchronise your passwords around various devices and browsers. In such a case, you will never need to worry about forgetting any password at all. Note that this also mean you can use extremely complex passwords for protecting your logging information.

Still, cloud storage is usually offered by third-parties and there is always a risk of the data bases of password manager users being hacked. In such a situation, all of your information can be used by scammers.

There are also alternative password managers which are using local storage for their databases. This is a way safer. At the same time, it will not allow you to use an advantage of synchronising your information. Yet, this can be a more convenient way of dealing with an overwhelming amount of passwords if you do not want to rely on password  managers based on clod storage.

If you are an especially careful person, you should not use any password manager at all because all of them are anyway connected with some risk. Definitely, saving your passwords on your browsers is also not a solution for you in such a case.

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  1. There are more advantages. I prefer to use a password manager and have a different password for each webiste

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