Where can you read opinions about goods sold online?

If you are new to online shopping, you might be wondering where you can find reviews describing the goods sold in such online stores. Even though it is a common practice to allow customers leave some opinions of the goods, it is not a rule that these reviews will be valuable and trustworthy.

This article can be used as a guide through the platforms offering reviews for the goods which can be purchased online. It is recommended to read it even if you have already had some experience of online shopping as you might not be aware of all of the tricks used online when it comes to selling goods on the Internet.

The official website of an online store or its account on a social network

Certainly, the very first place you can come across reviews to various goods is an official website of a store itself. Many online shops also have their own business account on social networks as well.

It is crucial to understand that in such places, there is always a risk of coming across unfair practices. The problem is that there are no regulations for such websites and here, the moderator can do whatever is needed for keeping the grade of the goods offered by the shop really high. For example, any negative comments can be easily deleted and no one will be able to do anything about it. In addition to it, the moderators of such websites can write their own positive comments without any limits.

Still, you should not be absolutely negative about all of such websites as some of them are pretty fair. Quite usually, these services are actually offering their clients goods of a high quality so they are not afraid to get a couple of negative comments.


Nowadays, selling goods is also possible through special marketplace platforms. Fortunately, sellers are not capable to delete any comments they do not like thus easily, so they can be treated as more trustworthy. Still, there is some possibility of coming across the comments which are not written by real customers.

Special websites dedicated to reviews

Usually, such special platforms where people publish their reviews about various goods look as the most trustworthy. What is the truth is that in many cases such websites have very extended reviews telling about various aspects of a good. For some groups of goods, you will also find information of the effects of using them which might be extremely useful when you are buying cosmetics.

Yet, there is one serious downside of such websites. Here, customers have a chance to earn money for reviewing goods. In the majority of cases the income generated for writing a single review is extremely small, so many people have to write really frequently and a lot in order to get sufficient money.

As you can imagine, this gives various opportunities to users of such websites which are not necessarily resulting in fair reviews.

The first option for these people to earn is to get goods for reviewing in exchange for a review. Another common form is receiving money for hidden advertisement. Needless to say, cooperation with brands is possible in the case of people who are writing positive reviews about these brands. So, if a customer wants to work with a particular brand, he or she will produce only positive description of their experiences of using the goods of these brands.

At the same time, in order to avoid a situation in which all of their reviews are absolutely positive, these people will write rather negative reviews of the goods of the rivals of such companies. In addition to it, a person can make one’s review outstanding by writing a negative review about something loved by the majority. Definitely, none of these practices will allow you to find the truth about their goods.

Some unexpected places on the Internet

Sometimes you can just come across some information about purchases out of a sudden in the places you have not expected them to be. Usually, the places where it is possible to see something like these are forums where people are just discussing some things which seem to be unrelated to the goods you are going to buy and the topic just appears accidentally. Such opinions might be of a greater value to you than all of the professionally written reviews.

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  1. The most important thing is that the reviews are honest and from real users and not bought.

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