Backup your data

If there is any part that we tech would emphasis and reiterate, that would be backing up your data in time! This article will show why it has to be done if you are still not aware of that and how you can do it.

Why should data be backed up?

We use the computer and save lot of files, documents, data in general, but for what if we happen to lose it due to some unfortunate system crash or something catastrophic? To save you from such a horrible day, almost every operating system provides some sort of tools and utilities to deal or prepare for such day.

Know that no matter however you maintain and keep your system optimized, time will come when your system will start acting weird. This is where you will use this tool and utilize it and save yourself from such frustration. I will go through this thoroughly, since this is one of the most critical part that you should be aware of.

Backing up on Windows

For the Windows 7 users, you have an applet called backup and restore in the control panel applet. Process of backing up and nothing fancy and fairly simple. It will simply ask you where you want to save your backup. Here you can either choose an external hard drive on save it on a network. Select your preference and hit the next button.

Now Windows will ask you about what you want to backup leaving you with two choices between options, not the files. One is, to let Windows choose and other being, let me choose. If you go with the first one, let Windows choose, then all of the user’s personal files, folders saved in libraries, on the desktop and in default Windows folder will be backed up.

One of the cool things about Windows 7 is, it will not only backup those files from the mentioned folders but will also create a system image which includes every bit of data about your operating system such as your recent operating system settings.

If you go for let me choose, you are able to pick any user’s files you want. This gives you way more control over ‘let Windows choose’ option. This is a wise move if you need to upload any files outside of the Windows chosen folders and files with ‘let Windows choose’. This will be regularly backed up with some time scheduled.

This option is also highly customizable. You are also able to choose individual user’s folders, files you want. Another option will let you decide if you want a system image file or not.