What to do during a liquid spill on laptop?


Accidents can take place without prior notice. When you encounter an accident, you will have to face a great deal of frustration as well. Spilling a liquid on your laptop can be considered as one such common accident that most of the people will have to face. For example, while you are drinking a cup of coffee, it you would drop it on your laptop keyboard.

During a liquid spill, there is a chance for you to save your laptop from getting damaged. But you need to have a clear understanding about the steps that you need to follow in order to minimize the extent of the damage.

Stop the spill

As the first thing after a liquid spill on your laptop, you will need to stop the spill. This will assist you to minimize the extent of the damage. Then you need to cut down the power supply to your laptop immediately. Then you can start searching answers for the question, how to dry your laptop.

In some cases, you might notice flames or smoke coming out of your laptop after a damage. In such a situation, you should be extra careful because there is a high chance for the fire to spread. Therefore, you must get your fire extinguisher ready.

Remove the battery

If you don’t see any smoke coming out of your laptop, you should turn it over and remove the laptop battery. This would make sure that the supply of power to your laptop is disconnected. If electricity is not flowing through the components of your laptop, they would not be subjected to any further damage, even if they stay in contact with water.

Get it repaired

Now you have done all the steps that you could do. As the next step, you need to go ahead and seek a reputed computer repair facility in your area. In the meantime, you can think about draining your laptop as well. You should do it without replacing the battery or connecting the laptop to your power cord. You should just try to drain the liquid from your laptop as much as possible. By turning your laptop upside down, you can conveniently drain it. However, you shouldn’t try to disassemble your laptop and drain it.

Dabbing can also be considered as one of the best steps you can take in order to minimize the damage on your laptop. You just need to look for a super absorbent, which has the ability to suck out moisture in an effective manner. It is important to keep on dabbing for few minutes to get the best possible results out of this technique.

You will not be able to fix the water damaged laptop on your own and you will always have to get the service of a professional computer repair company.