Research with virtualisation

We have already discussed some of the amazing possibilities offered to the computer users by the technology of virtualisation, however, there is much more.

Limitations of computer research

So, what do research has to do anything here? One of the great example has been given by professor Mike Meyer (Guru in the field of IT). He generally sells one of his most popular Total Tester test banks for his students to practice questions and test their skills on wide range of certification topics. This goes on from basics of IT , compTIA A+, Network+ to Cyber Security and so on. As with most of the distribution programs, he tend to get a few support calls.

Running a problem through the same operating system helps his team solve it. He also mentions that in his pre-virtualisation days, he usually had to maintain seven to ten multiboot computers which laid around in his office just to keep those active copies of specific Windows version and other operating systems. But with the modern technology like virtualisation, he just setup one physical computer with multiple OS running.

Virtualisation as a solution

Now that you know about the benefits you can reap of these machines, what else you need to know about? Of course, this topic here was more of introductory topic. Do dig further, you just need to know the kind of virtualisation technology out there and how you would implement them.

One thing you want to know is there are certain type of emulation out there and you do not want to mix it up with virtualisation. An emulator, which emulates a certain device, is not the same as virtualisation. For instance, there are emulators for different gaming platform like Snes, myboy, PSPX and most popular Retroarch. These are just emulators of the different platform like Nintendo Entertainment System, PlayStation etc. Which you can use to play all those platform games on your computer. These emulator serve absolutely different purpose than virtualisation.

Further studies of the topic

You want to know about Hyper-V of Windows system. Then the Hypervisor. In case if you are breaking into the field of tech, you certainly want to know about some of the low level details of how how supervisor work inside a single generic system. This combination of supervisor and hypervisor is extremely crucial for someone who manage virtualisation for a system.

While it may all sound pretty daunting, it is really not if you get your hands on a good place who explains these so well. Either you can find it from our websites or others or a great recommendation of a book would be getting a copy of compTIA A+ by Mike Meyers. This book is incredibly insightful and necessary if you are breaking into the filed of IT.

With all of this information you are good to take it further from here according to your requirements. Good luck on your endeavour.