I cant’ afford a SSD – What are my options?

It is essential for every laptop out there to have a SSD. You will appreciate all the benefits that the SSD will be able to deliver on your way.

Why do you need a SSD?

The SSD will make sure that you are booting up your computer in a couple of seconds. Likewise, you will be able to run the applications quickly on the SSD as well. However, the SSD drives are expensive. You will have to spend a considerable amount of extra money to purchase a 1TB SSD drive instead of a 1TB SATA HDD. However, you don’t need to worry too much about this because a convenient solution is available to overcome the hassle. That is to get a laptop that can accommodate a SSD as well as HDD.

Get a smaller SSD with HDD

In some of the laptops, you will be getting both SSD and HDD. This is the kind of laptop that you will need to purchase. The main purpose of this kind of a laptop is to deliver the benefits that come along with a SSD to you without making you spend a fortune. In other words, you will be able to get your operating system installed on the SSD. Then you can make sure that you are booting up the laptop within a couple of seconds. Then you will be able to use the HDD for file storage. For example, you can store all the pictures, movies and other heavy files in the HDD. This will create least impact on the quick performance that you are getting.

If there is a good laptop available in the market, but it doesn’t come along with dual drives, you need to check and see if an optical drive is provided along with it. That’s because you have the possibility to remove the optical drive from the laptop and replace that with a HDD or a SSD. This is a great method available to boost the performance while catering to your storage needs.

Take a look at your storage needs as well

You will also need to take a look at the storage needs before you proceed with buying storage. In general, we encourage you to refrain from purchasing a laptop that offers 128GB storage space or less, unless you don’t want it and you have another laptop or a computer along with you.

You need to settle down with at least 256GB storage space of 512GB storage space. This is more than enough for a computer user in today’s world and you will not regret about the decision that you took. That’s because you can easily manage the storage requirements that you are getting along with the laptop you purchased. If you need more storage, you can take a look at cloud.